Yamaha hdmi issues

As the standard connection device for TVsgame consolesvideo projectorsmedia streamersand set-top boxes, HDMI is an important component of any entertainment set-up. HDMI is supposed to make it easy to connect all your devices together with the use of one cable for both audio and video. To do this, connected devices must be "licensed" to communicate with each other through a standard known as HDCP.

This ability to recognize and communicate media and devices is referred to as the "HDMI handshake. This usually results in you not being able to watch your movies or play your video games. There are some things you can do to work around this issue. Here's how to troubleshoot problems with HDMI. Here are some steps that may help correct HDMI connection problems so you can get back to gaming or watching.

HDMI connections don't fit as tightly as a component or composite video connection and sometimes slip out. If this happens often, consider getting locks for your HDMI cables or self-locking cables. If you have several different HDMI components, try starting them up in different order combinations. Failing that, plug your device into a different HDMI input and repeat the above steps.

Make sure to select the correct input for the device you are attempting to use, whether it be a game console or Blu-ray player. Some devices are tuned to specific channel inputs and require you to tune to that input on your TV remote.

yamaha hdmi issues

If so, reset it to match the native resolution of your TV or video projector, such as p, por 4Kif you have 4K-capable TV or video projector. If that works, then the receiver or intermediary device you're using is likely the problem. Keep the HDMI source connected to your TV and make a separate audio connection from your device to the the TV until you can determine the problem with the receiver.

If the problem is the HDMI input on the audio receiver, you may still be able to use the receiver's audio inputs to transmit sound from your HDMI device.

Also look for user comments or complaints regarding HDMI handshake issues, and follow discussions and links to the proposed solution. If it does not, the problem may be a matter of compatibility rather than connectivity. Contact your device's manufacturer to proceed further. If you're attempting to use a PC or Laptop as a source componentmake sure your computer settings designate HDMI as the default output connection.

If you can't get an image from your laptop to appear on your TV screen, try these troubleshooting tips:. These are intended to make it more convenient to connect HDMI devices without a cable.

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Tired of the same old Summer Blockbusters? News Archive : Select Date Release List. DVD Giveaways. DVD Talk Forum. Select Forum Area Price Search. Video Game Reviews.AVS Forum articles Contests. OR Remember. OldAM - Thread Starter. Yesterday everything was working. Today I plugged in some new speakers and went to turn on the receiver and nothing was being output via HDMI. I tested the cable going to the same tv but from another device and it worked fine. It's definitely the HDMI out that's not working.

I can output via component or composite. I tried updating the firmware to the latest version 2.

yamaha hdmi issues

Everything else seems to be fine except the HDMI out. I'm not really sure what could have caused the problem. My only guess was that 2 of the speaker wires I was installing may have touched while the receiver was on and they weren't in their speakers yet. Could that cause this problem? Remove Advertisements. OldAM. Ralarcon likes this. Or would I be better off having a service center do it.

Afro GT. Of course, it would be nice if the service centers all manufacturers would indicate to you what actually failed on the board so that just perhaps a user might learn something from the experience as opposed to just swapping out a board where basically no one learns anything from the failure.

Having said that, as mentioned, hdmi implementations aren't as robust as perhaps they should be but also the environment that they may be set in may also not be as "friendly" as one thinks. Things like cable lengths, switchers, and multitudes of "nodes" ie.

While it is true that HDMI issues should not occur, it does seem to be the most common failure across all makes and models of equipment that have HDMI connectivity.

yamaha hdmi issues

It seems the most complaints are about receivers nowadays is about HDMI failures of some type. The older receivers used analog video and maybe digital coax or toslink for digital audio. Less things to break on the older units. Rolls-Royce likes this. OldPM. Apparently, from what the tech told me, these two ports are serviced by one board and is a known point of failure on the A Trendy is offline. Does this indicate anything new? If so, is it hard to install by myself?

KidHorn is offline. Any update? Same dang thing just happened to my V!!! I used a component cable from TV to receiver, switched TV input to appropriate component channel and nothing. I see where to change inputs on receiver, but where do I switch output to be the component monitor out instead of the HDMI out?

Not an audiophile and rather receiver challenged! Lol Please chime in if you can assist. Try doing a factory reset on your receiver.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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Yamaha Receiver HDMI out port problem - trying to troubleshoot PCB

Thread starter pixel8 Start date Sep 30, Tags hdmi yamaha. Hi all. I have a picture drop out issue in that my PJ - Optoma UHDX - Loses the source input - sometimes for a second but often for minutes until i re-sync etc. To troubleshoot, I removed the fibre optic cable from amp and connected the TIVo and PJ directly without issue so it appears the amp is having an issue - Is it faulty or do i have to reset something?

How to Troubleshoot HDMI Connection Problems

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm still within my time for returns Kind regards Pixel. I'd suggest it to be an issue with the cable you are using between the receiverand your PJ. Without trying another cable between them then you cannot rule the existing cable out as being the cause of the issue and lay blame upon the AV receiver. It does sound like an issue with the cable. Ensure that the HDMI output setting is set to just one or the other output as opposed to being set to both outputs at the same time.

I have experienced instances whereby a Virgin Media V6 has resulted in continual dropouts in association with sending its output to 2 different displays simultaneously. Just because you didn't experience an issue while the source was connected directly yo the PJ isn't to say that it isn't an issue with the cable.

The allowable signal levels for HDMI mean that one device may work without issue while another may not using the exact same cable. The best cables work with any device. Use this to set the receiver to the output you are using.

Try powering down into standby and then booting your setup backup when the dropouts start to occur. This should establish a new HDMI handshake between all the devices in use. Hi Dante - I'll have a read and play with some buttons.

I'll get back with an update. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads H. Upgrading Yamaha RX-V to a full 7. Started by ark Mar 14, Replies: 2. Top Bottom.I change between my cable box and Blu-ray player by changing inputs on the receiver. I use a Logitech remote to control everything. Lately, when I turn on everything it takes six or seven minutes for the picture to show up on the TV.

yamaha hdmi issues

During this time, I keep getting the message "no signal" on the TV. Is it my receiver or the cable box causing the delay, and what should I do? A It's not any one component causing the problem but the way they interact. It sounds as if you're dealing with an "HDMI handshake" issue.

This verification is commonly referred to as the "HDMI handshake. With my home-theater system, the processor says "need HDCP monitor" when the handshake isn't established, and I find myself staring at a screen that either flickers or is solid blue or black. Typically, changing inputs is all that is needed to establish the HDMI handshake.

If you want to watch your cable box, change the input on your receiver to something else and change it back to the cable box. You can change it to any input, because all you are doing is breaking the connection between the cable box and the receiver and re-establishing it.

This should get things working for you right away. Your remote might be part of the problem. Many universal remotes have an option to turn all the components on at once with a single press of a button. The most reliable way to establish a good HDMI handshake is to turn on the television first and let it boot up, then turn on the receiver, then turn on the cable box and Blu-ray player.

Just think of yourself as starting at the TV and going backward over the cables to the receiver and then the components. It could be that the remote is turning on the components in a different order. As a result, you aren't getting a good handshake most of the time. The components used, their price or their age don't seem to have much bearing on whether you get HDMI handshake issues or not. The system in my bedroom is much more modest than my home theater, yet I have many more HDMI handshake issues with the high-end setup.

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Fixing power shut off protection issue with Yamaha Receiver RX V675

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Correcting & preventing HDMI hand shake problems

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The 4th port is labeled ARC. If we, for example, play a YouTube video, we can hear the sound coming from our speakers, and the TV remote's volume buttons control the receiver's volume settings.

However, we do not receive any video input from the HDMI port.Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Apr 4, Possible causation With the advent of super fast powering up media source devices such as a cable box or satellite receiver data can arrive at an AVR and or HDTV too fast. Think of it this way. You have a garden hose with an attached nozzle.

When the water is turned on before triggering the nozzle the water in the hose is backed up. Once the nozzle is opened the backed up water rushes out at an above normal force. The data backs up in the HDMI cable. Once the AVR and or TV are completely powered up the oncoming rush of data may cause a disruption, i. HDMI hand shake issue. Wait 10 to 20 minutes then reconnect the HDMI cables.

In most instances this should resolve the hand shake issue.

Sound Advice: HDMI problem can be fixed easily

Preventing a hand shake issue from re-occurring To prevent future hand shake issues ensure the AVR is fully powered up before the source device sat recvr, cable box, etc. This process is very simple if powering up manually.

When using a remote you can achieve the same result by programing in power up time delay for the source device. Joined Sep 4, I think this is one of those situations in which a non-technical answer is actually more confusing. Can someone please explain the water hose analogy in terms a non-idiot can understand?

What they seem to be describing is buffering April fools? It has nothing to do with the cable. The water hose is not a very good analogy. Joined Aug 23, Its all nonsense. Denon obviously doesn't hire the "sharpest tacs. Joined Jun 10, Replacing the cable didn't do it. I think my problem is different and has something to do with the feed from the cable box or the signal to the cable box. Just weird and doesn't occur a lot but when it does, its aggravating.

Thanks Louis, it's annoying that's for sure But since Time Warner has replaced the cable box 3 times, cleaned up the feed, and also boosted the cable feed to our neighborhood I still think it's the Scientific Atlanta box since it only does it during a TV show. Joined Jun 3, Theresa said:.