Why is thamboolam given

The Kumkum is a sign of wealth and prosperity and it represents Goddess Mahaslakshmi, called as Sri. The significance of offering Kumkum is the wishes of the house holder that the visitor may be blessed with Prosperity. Coconut signifies the Blessings of the Trimurthis, Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra, represented as the three marks in the Coconut.

Mohini distributed Amrut ambrosia amongst various gods. Growing inside the urn was a strange creeping plant and the gods became ecstatic. Vishnu ordered Dhanvantari to examine the plant. He thus discovered its stimulating quality. From then on, Vishnu began to offer its leaves, as a gesture of love and affection.

Since, it is saidthat the betel trine was born. It began to be associated with the Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh Trinity. The areca nut was attributed to Brahma, the Tambool betel leaf to Vishnu and lime to Mahesh. A messenger was urgently sent to the underground abode of the Queen of the snakes. The Queen, only too happy to oblige, cut the extreme phalange of her little finger and sent it to the Pandavas. The phalange was planted with great ceremony and soon the Betel plant grew out of the phalange.

The ceremony of the leaves commemorates this origin and the Barais offer prayers to the God of snakes on the occasion. Impressed by their hospitality, the Devtas not only blessed them but also honoured them by gifting the title chaturashiitah i. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Is It Wrong ? Clothes replaced Steel Plate in Thamboolam - Dharma Sandehalu - #HinduCulture

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Aadi is a month of fervour and observances in Godess related to Water-forces and Natural forces e. Maria Amman temples, Mundakanni amman temples etc. The month of Aadi is considered very auspicious to connect oneself to this Divine power. No weddings or other similar functions are celebrated during Aadi as is considered inauspicious. Also, starting this month the heat of the sun reduces and the rains start. It is during this time that the monsoon peaks on the west coast and the rivers of Tamil Nadu, shrunken in the summer heat, get replenished, often to near full levels.

Usually the tamil months are named based on the nakshatra that prevails during the full moon day or Pournami. Aadi auspicious days are. The Aadi Velli and Aadi Chevvai are of great significance to women as numerous rituals are performed. Women of the neighborhood and friends meet on the Fridays and do pujas and exchange Thamboolam.

Varalakshmi Puja an important ritual dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi is performed on a Friday in the month of Aadi. Some important festivals celebrated in this month are as follows:. Aadi Pirappu: The first day of this month, usually falling on July 16 is celebrated as Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirappu, which is an important festival to most Tamils, especially newly-weds.

He was childless for a very long time. His prayers were answered and on Aadi Pooram day, when the devotee was collecting flowers for his puja in his garden, he found a girl child. The child was named Kothai who grew up with devotion to Lord. Everyday, Vishnu Chitha made a garland of Thulasi leaves to offer to the deity at the temple.

Kothai used to wear that before offering to the Lord. One day, the devotee happened to see her wearing this garland and so he replaced with another one. However, the Lord refused to accept the new one and said that He would only wear the garland worn by Kothai. Vishnu Chitha realized that his daughter is Goddess Maha Lakshmi herself.

The 10th day is celebrated as Aadi Pooram day where Thirukalyanam divine marriage of the God and the Goddess is conducted. Special pujas are also conducted on this day. It is believed that if unmarried girls worship Goddess Andal on the 10th day of Adi Pooram festvial, they will get married soon. These bangles are said to provide offsprings and generally protect us from all evils. Valaikaappu is a festival when a pregnant woman wears glass bangles, the sound of which is said to protect her and the child from evil forces.

The importance of Varalakshmi Puja is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. Goddess Parvati wanted to know about a Vrata that is highly beneficial to a woman, which will help her lead a happy and prosperous life on earth.

Lord Shiva then mentioned about the Varamahalakshmi Vratam. The people of Tamil Nadu celebrate monsoon through this festival. People worship the rivers water bodies for the rains in abundance. Aadi is the month for sowing, rooting, planting of seeds and vegetation since it is peak monsoon time.Very lucid impartial scientific and religious approach. Every deed and move in Hindu Religion is embedded with scientific truth.

Labels Vishnu Sahasranama. Exploring the science behind Sanatan Dharma traditions and rituals have come a long way these days. Gone are the days when we said that all these are mere superstition. Of course, we cannot deny the fact that even now, there are people who say that these are superstitions.

But, the awareness to know the reasons behind such rituals have increased among people. Nowadays, they are trying to search for logical answers to their questions regarding spiritual rituals and as long as they get convincing answers, they are happy to take them.

The motive of this blog is an attempt in that direction. I try my best to bring out the logical and scientific reasons behind Sanatan Dharma rituals. But the credit for today's topic goes to one of my friends, Rajeswari, who asked me to find out the significance of Thamboolam, that we offer during any pooja, festival or family functions. Now I see betel leaf from a very different perspective.

I am sharing the same with you today We offer Thamboolam during many occasions. During a Puja, we offer it to the invoked deity, as a part of Shodasa Upachara.

We also offer the same when we host a feast.

why is thamboolam given

But during a Puja or when we offer the same to guests during wedding and other special occasions, we also add fruits bananascoconut, flowers and turmeric. Let us explore these items individually from spiritual and scientific perspective, as applicable. This will give us a better understanding. The center part is considered to be the seat of Lakshmi and hence it is considered a sin to chew the center part. The tip of the betel leaf stands for longevity and the base portion for fame.

Betel leaves are good source of Vitamin B and Carotene. It is packed with anti-oxidants and aids in good digestion.

The leaf produces an aromatic volatile oil containing a phenol called chavicol which has powerful antiseptic properties. Betel leaves are given to women after childbirth to increase secretion of milk.

Other traditional uses of betel leaves are given below :. In Ayurveda, the importance of betel leaf has been mentioned in many texts including Chakra Samhita and Sushruta Samhita. In Ayurveda, there are three doshas called vatha, pitha and kapha.

Betel leaves pacify Kapha and Vatha dosha while increasing Pitha dosha. These leaves are prescribed for various reasons Before proceeding with the uses of Betel Nut, I would like to mention a word of caution.

why is thamboolam given

Betel nut should not be taken alone, as it will cause anemia and intoxication. Excessive usage of the same will even result in oral cancer. Careful selection of betel nut should be employed. Unripe nut, much ripened nut, dampened nut, insects laden nuts with holes are to be avoided.Mother Lakshmi is one of the most revered deities of the Hinduism and one of the Trimurti Goddesses alongside Durga and Saraswati.

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Performing Lakshmi Pooja has many amazing benefits for devotees and their families.

The rituals are primarily performed by married women for the well being of all the family members, especially husbands. According to Hindu mythology, once Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva to recommend a vrata that will be beneficial to women. Lord Shiva then mentioned the importance of Varalakshmi vrata. The glory of performing the Varalakshmi Vratam, narrated directly by Lord Shiva Himself, is elaborately discussed in the Skanda Puranam.

To illustrate the importance of the vrata, Lord Shiva narrates the story of Charumati. The pious Charumati invited all her neighbors, friends and relatives and performed the Varalakshmi puja as directed by Goddess Lakshmi. Soon after the puja, all the people who participated in the puja where blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Start the pooja early and finish it before Raagu Kalam inauspicious time or start the Pooja after Raagu Kalam. Avoid performing the pooja during Raagu Kalam. Fasting begins on Friday morning sunrise and ends when the Pooja is completed. Women who are menstruating should avoid the pooja. Instead, you can do the pooja on the coming week, Friday.

If you have missed or failed to observe the Varalakshmi Pooja on the day, you can do it during the following Friday or observe it during a Friday during Navarathri festival. There are no hard and fast rules in performing the Varalakshmi Puja and you can be flexible on the puja items. Even a simple prayer will please Goddess Lakshmi.

Chant : S h uklaa mbharadharam vishnum s h as h ivarnam chathurbhujam Prasannavadanam dhyaayaeth sarvavigno u pa s h aanthayae. Kalashasya mukhe vishNu kanTe rudra samaasrithaa moole thathra sthitho brahma madhye maathru ganaa smruthaa kukshouthu saagara ssarve sapta dweepa vasundharaa rigvedoda yajurveda saamavedaatharnaNa angaischa sahita ssarve kalashaambhu samaasrithaa ayanthu lakshmi poojaartham durithakshaya karaka gangecha yamune chaiva godaavari saraswathi marmade sindhu kaaveri jalesmin sannidhim kuru evam kalasha pooja.

Visualize the Goddess Varalakshmi in mind and offer flower or akshathai to kalasha. Thereby we invoke the Goddess in the idol or image.

Sarvamangala Maangalye vishNu vaksha sthalalaye, Aavaahayaami devee thwaam supreetha bhava sarvadaa, Varalakshmi devatham aavaahayaami.

Asan Offer flowers at the feet and chant Aasanam Samarpayaami shlokam:. Suryaayutha nibha spoorthe sphurad rathna vibhushithaam, Simhaasana midham devee stheeyathaamsura pujithe, Rathna simhaasanaam samarpayaami. Suvaistha jalam ramya sarva theertha samudh bhavam, Paadhyam gruhaaNa thwam sarva devanamaskruthe, Paadhyam samarpayaami. Arghya Offer 1 spoon of water from the glass with water to the empty cup. Chant arghyam samarpayaami shlokam:. Shuddodakam cha pathraastham gandham pushpaadhi mishritham, Arghyam daasyaami They deveegruhaaNa sura pujithe, Arghyam samarpayaami.

Chanchalayai namaha paadhau poojayaami Chapalayai namaha jaanuni poojayaami Peethaambara dhaarayai namaha ooroo poojayaami Kamala vasinyai namaha katim poojayaami Padmaalayaalai namaha naabhim poojayaami Madanamathre namaha sthanau poojayaami Lalithaayai namaha bhujadhwayam poojayaami Kambh kantyai namaha kantam poojayaami Sumukhaayai namaha mukham poojayaami Shreeyai namaha oshtau poojayaami Sunasikaayai namaha naasikam poojayaami Sunethrai namaha nethram poojayaami Ramaayai namaha karNau poojayaami Kamalaayai namaha shirah poojayaami Varalakshmi namaha sarvaagaani poojayaami.

Dashaangam guggulo peetham, Sungandham cha manoharam, Dhoopam daasyaami deveshi,Varalakshmi gruhaaNa tham dhoopam samarpayaami. Ghrutakthavarthi samyuktam andhakaaram vinaashakam,Deepam daasyaami The devi gruhaaNamuditha bhavaa, Deepam samarpayaami.

Naivedhyam shasraso peetham dadhi madhwajaya samyuktham, Naana bakshya phalopeethamgruhaaNa harivallabhe, Naivedhyam samarpayaami While offering naivedhyam, offer water Paneeyam Ghanasaara sughandena mishritham pushvasitham, Paneeyam gruhyathaam devi sheethalam sumanoharam, Paneeyam samarpayaami.

Thaamboolam Offer thaamboolam betel nuts, betel leaves, dry date fruits, rupee coins :. Pugeephala samyuktham nagavalli DaLair Yutham, Karpoora choorNa samyuktham, thaamboolam prathigruhyathaam, Thamboolam samarpayaami. Aarati Offer aarthi with burning camphor to the Goddess by chanting this shlokam:. Neeraajanam samaaneetham karpooreNa samanvitham, Thubhyam daasyamyaham devi gruhyathaam VishNu vallabhe, Neeraajanam samarpayaami.The festivities of your wedding are just about wrapping up, it has been an altogether awesome ride, and a large part of that has been your friends and family, whose impeccably dressed, wholesome and warm presence has made your big day better.

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why is thamboolam given

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Varalakshmi Vratam

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why is thamboolam given

Email me my favorite vendors list.Seemantham or Pumsavana Seemanthamalso known as Valaikaappuis an Indian tradition popular in the South Indian states of Andhra PradeshTelangana, Karnataka and Tamil Naducarried out during the 6th, 7th or 8th month of a woman's pregnancy.

Although in ancient times Seemantham was performed on the birth of each child, today it may be limited to the first born.

This ritual is similar to a baby shower performed in Western cultures. The word "Seemantham" refers to parting the hair just above the eyebrow where the Goddess of Wealth, Sri Mahalakshmiresides. This leads to the practice of applying kumkum to the parting in order to propitiate the Goddess Sri Lakshmi such that when a woman delivers a child, she is considered the embodiment of the Goddess Lakshmi herself.

From the day of formation in its mother's womb, a child grows in different stages, each with a stipulated time frame. Accordingly, although brain formation takes place much earlier, memory cells are said to start activating upon the completion of seven months of pregnancy. Thereafter, the unborn child can record sounds and vibrations from its surroundings. Vedic tradition calls for the recitals of relics and verses known as Udhagasanthi or Uthakashanthi Japam in a soft but powerful mantra recital that lasts for about an hour and a half.

On completion of this japam recitalsthe pregnant woman is bathed in cold holy water, without the addition of any warm or hot water. This takes place even late in the evening, whereupon the child in the womb shakes and jerks from the stimulation of the cold water.

The Significance of Betel Leaf

The specific function of japam is to give a solid state of mind in preparation for the child's birth through a positive vibration from the recited mantras that provide sufficient strength to the child in the womb, and create an atmosphere conducive to the earthly possessives on his or her birth.

A bangle ceremony will also be held to decorate the mother with colorful bangles, mainly by the girl family members. Lastly the mother will be sent to her own family's house to stay for 2 months before delivery. Each Vedic mantra is designed for a specific stimulation, so that its phonetic vibration attains its fullest value. Udhakasanthi Japam gives confidence to the pregnant women and also increases her mental strength, with supportive gathering members blessing the child and mother for a normal delivery.

Following the recital, the function continues with a veena recital of carnatic instrumentals and songs that create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Nowadays Seemantham is often combined with a " Valaikaapu " ritual hosted by the pregnant woman's mother. The Seemantham ceremony is more religious in nature than the Valaikaapuwhich is a more informal function. The ceremony itself has its roots in olden times when a woman would depend on the local midwife to deliver her child.

In order to ease her passage, this ceremony would be performed to invoke blessings.