Used broadcast lenses

Our broadcast equipment is available at amazing prices, and we ensure that each and every one of our products is given a stringent examination to identify any faults and ensure that the equipment is in full working order. Find Out More. Compact and lightweight digital film camera with 4K Super 35 sensor.

The super compact and lightweight design is perfectly balanced for handheld use and comfortable enough for all day shooting.

That means you get a handheld camera with higher resolution and better dynamic range than most Super 35mm film! Blackmagic URSA Mini is designed to be used on feature films, television shows, commercials, indies, documentaries, music videos and more. The stunning quality of its 4K sensor with 12 stops of dynamic range lets you capture epic cinematic shots, while its compact size is perfect for solo shoots or smaller crews!

The optional shoulder mount kit features a quick release mounting plate so you can go from handheld to shoulder or tripod in seconds, making it perfect for pickup and run shooting situations. All the big camera features you need built into a lightweight, portable design. Like all URSA cameras, it includes everything you need built right in!

You get a super bright 5 inch fold out HD touch screen for on-set monitoring and to change camera settings, professional connectors such as 12G-SDI, a high quality stereo microphones and a side grip with control buttons mounted on a standard rosette.

The optional Blackmagic viewfinder and shoulder mount kit allow you to go from tripod to over the shoulder shooting in seconds, so you can keep up with the action. Capture incredible digital film images with 12 stops of dynamic range. URSA Mini operates at a resolution and dynamic range that goes well beyond traditional motion picture film.

Built in refrigeration cooling ensures maximum dynamic range so you get incredibly clean pictures with amazing detail in both the dark shadows and bright highlight areas of the image.

You can also choose a higher cost 4. URSA Mini can shoot at high frame rates and then play it back at the edit frame rate so you get smooth slow motion video.

Simply set the sensor frame rate to get different types of slow motion effects. When you need even more dramatic, higher frame rate slow motion shooting, you can use the regular URSA which can record high resolution 4K images at an amazing frames per second.

The wide dynamic range blows away high end broadcast cameras to give you dramatically better images that can be coloured corrected for a truly cinematic look.

Understanding Television Production Cameras

For faster post production, quickly switch settings to use regular video dynamic range, so you can shoot great looking video without the need for colour correction. When the current card is full, recording continues onto the second card so you can swap out the full card and just keep shooting.There have been many solutions, but frankly until now none of them have really been capable of broadcast quality.

This is a digital zoom that intelligently allows you to crop into your image while maintaining 4K resolution for recording. In effect it becomes a 2x digital teleconverter. The 4K image can also be recorded externally to an external recorder. Drama shooters can stop reading right now. This is not a solution they are likely to need.

used broadcast lenses

But in the era of large sensor cameras, news and documentary shooters still occasionally need access to a wide ranging zoom without the super shallow depth of field.

Then you need to set it to the maximum 2x setting. The optics lose about 0. Setting the flange back adjustment correctly on most ENG lenses means images stay sharp from one end of the zoom to the other.

Even though the resulting magnification level is similar to the 2K centre scan mode on the larger Sonys, the way in which the two actually get there is somewhat different. This results in a mostly moire- and aliasing-free HD image which can be used either as a digital teleconverter with 35mm lenses, or as a way to use S16 and B4 lenses with the right adapters.

The 42 megapixel full frame a7R II, on the other hand, uses some neat tricks to record in 4K even when cropped. The huge number of pixels on its sensor is so huge that it has more of them than straight HD even when cropped 2x when running in S35 mode.

used broadcast lenses

My schoolboy maths says that it must still have just over 3 million pixels when zoomed to the maximum in Clear Image mode. The camera then intelligently upscales the cropped image internally using some electronic wizardry to create a 4K image. Of course, by using such an extreme crop of the sensor there is an obvious increase in the noise levels in the picture. It is softer and less well-defined. With lighter B4 lenses like my Fujinon 17x HD lens it is actually quite hand-holdable without any kind of shoulder rig, just using the built-in EVF.

Triggering record is a bit of a pain as you need to do that on the camera body and not with the VTR trigger on the lens — maybe someone can make a solution that allows the button to work. Newsshooter contributor Simon Glass shot a quick test with it completely handheld. The idea was to get a look that was similar to what you could achieve with a regular news camera.

If anything the result is slightly better as the low light performance of the a7R II is very good. For the right kind of news or documentary shoot it could be just the ticket.

These would turn the camera into something much more akin to a traditional news camera, but still a lot lighter. Filters: One thing that is missing with the a7R II combination is any kind of built-in neutral density filter. I used an 82mm Genus variable ND on the Fujinon lens. Like all variable ND filters there was some softening of the image at the longer and wider reaches of the lens, but overall I found it acceptable.Weight: g.

Find Out More. To use these devices together, remove the lower tabs from the locking ring using a T Width 4" Length 6.

used broadcast lenses

Provides color correction while capturing footage in green water at depths of 15' to 70' 4. Aperture Blades: 11 Dimensions: Zeiss Super Speeds are high-quality, fast PL-mounted lenses perfect for all 35mm film and digital cinematography cameras.

A popular choice for When attached to the lens front in one direction, the. Used with the Sony VX, the. Used - good condition. Includes lens caps for front, rear elements and lens hood with cap. At 2kg, the B4-mount HJ14ex4. It has proved itself time and time again to be a tried and tested tool for capturing HD content.

Features Dual servo for zoom and focus. Videographers used to shooting video in a typical ENG-style will be very comfortable with the servo. Cinematographers will also be right at home with this lens. With the detachable drive removed, the lens is set to accept industry standard cine motors and matte boxes. Plus, the lens has all the lens data output that appeals PL or EF T1. Canon HJ17ex7.

The HJ17ex7. Superb optimization strategies helped achieve the sought-for performance — having a high sensitivity, an excellent MTF profile over the entire image plane, minimization of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. The maximum aperture of 1. Uniformity of brightness across the image plane combines with the high contrast and excellent picture sharpness to produce vividly clear HD pictures.

Contrast was extended by superb control of black reproduction — with optical and mechanical design innovations that substantially reduced flare, veiling glare, and any internal reflections. Similar attention to minimization of ghost images and other highlight-related chromatic distortions caused by strong light sources on-axis and off-axis further extend the operational contrast range of the lens.

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Cable Length. Cable Type. Media Type.I am posting this in the SP forum but it goes for Moscow also.

TV & CINE Lenses

My main lens is a mm Tamron lens that served me very well in Europe last year despite the not so great aperture range of the lens. However, seeing some photographs online of Moscow and SP, of city scenes, subway stations, etc, it appears that I may need to bring a wide angle or fish eye lens. I have a mm Tarmon lens but it weighs 1. It is one heck of a lens though I will say that, but the weight and the size is a bit of a concern. I was considering to buy a screw on fisheye, but from what I have seen they stink.

So I am considering to buy a smaller, lighter fisheye only around 15mm. I'd like to know what others have brought along with them? In the Moscow metro any photography used to be forbidden up to some ten years ago. Now the ban is lifted and photography is not mentioned at all in the list of things forbidden BUT what is forbidden without prior written authorization is any "commercial activity" which includes taking pictures for sale or use in the media with professional equipment.

And I suppose they are going to ask that question to me in Russian? And if I don't have the paper and I am not taking photos for sale or commercial purposes what should I tell them? I believe they might very well think that my camera is too big due to the lens size taking wide angle photos. And a totally separate question now IF I wanted to sell my photos on shuttershock for example, where could I get that authorization to take photos in the metro for commercial purposes?

I have never sold a photo but have been highly considering it over the years, and I would like to do things legally. If I do not have authorization, and do take pictures, then I wouldn't sell them. Of course. But I have no idea how likely it is - the cops taking issue with a tourist with a hand-held SLR.

I have heard of the risk mentioned a couple of times "theoretically" but I can't seem to be able to google up any first-hand accounts. If you really want to take pictures on the metro - do it by all means but just in case have a new memory card in your camera not containing valuable earlier footage in a highly unlikely case they ask you to delete your pictures.

You should remember that taking pictures in the metro is most certainly NOT a criminal offence and there's no fine of any sort for it. From the metro management, obviously. I would presume you will need a help of a translator for that. But in your particular case I don't think you should bother.


Moscow hope it's official web-site mosmetro. I guess and hope they do have CCTV and if they spot you on their monitor they might come to the station but it's going to take some time anywayDesigned to meet all requirements, from documentaries to movie production. View range Cinema Lenses Large format cine-style lenses with superb build and features to meet creative film production requirements. View range Remote Control Lenses Increase the usability of your broadcasting equipment with this useful series of powerful lenses.

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