Musalle pe maine ali ka qasida lyrics in hindi

Saj gayi hai milad ki mehfil, kiya hai khoob nazara, Kaif o masti mein dooba hai dekho aalam sara, Dhoond rahi hai, Aap ki rehmat bakhshish ka bahana, Ey Hasnain ke Nana, Ey Hasnain ke Nana, Ey Hasnain ke Nana, Ey Hasnain ke Nana… Beautified are festivities of your birth, What an awe-inspiring sight of mirth!

Reverent ecstasy submerses, The entire heavens and earth Searches, Your mercy searches an excuse to forgive those of worth O grandfather of the Hasnain, O grandfather of the Hasnain O grandfather of the Hasnain, O grandfather of the Hasnain….

What a lovely naat I like this naat sharif very much. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ey Hasnain Ke Nana Lyrics. Abdul rehman November 24, Honey khan December 2, Usman December 2, Aqsa December 23, Sk Wajeed February 8, Masha Allah naat.

Maasha Allah naat. Amjad November 1, Wonderfull naat i am reading in mehfil.

Musale Pe Maine Ali Ka Qasida HD Videos

Ahmed January 23, I need this naat. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Shah e mardaan, shair e yazdaan, kuwat e parwardigar La fatah illa Ali, la saif ….Contact us - Sitemap. NET - Heritage F. Welcome to F. Guests are not required to login during this beta-testing phase. Title Text Type Author Language. A Project of the Heritage Society. Mowla hi Mowla Kiya Karo. Mowla ke pyar ko hum. Mowla tum bin kaun hamara. Mahabanou Ratansi - Geet and Ghazals - Toronto.

Navroz Mubarak - Lyrics. Nooran ala noor ki dekho yehi to paichan hai. Kamal Taj - Jawab aur Shikwa - Chicago. Payoji maine Mowla ka darshan paayo.

Khursheed - Tarif e Imam. Phoolon ki hai barsaat chalo Mowla ayen hai.

musalle pe maine ali ka qasida lyrics in hindi

Raziya - Unknown Composer - Toronto. Pukaro naam Ali ka pukaro. Khursheed - Mehfil e Karim. Raas ramva aaavo raas ramva. Shazia - Aawo Raas Ramieyen - Pakistan. Ruh Siya Ham Ruh Siya.

Musallay Pe Mainay Ali Ka Qasda Juheen Gungunaaya Sawere Sawere

Saaqi e ba wafa manam, Dam hamma dam Ali Ali. Sona kero suraj ugyo kiran kiran ujas. Suratiya Mowla ki muratiya Mowla ki base more man mein. Khursheed - Tarif-e-Imam - Toronto.Ek bacchi Jo thi moosiye kaazim ke dilka chayn.

Har eid pe karti thi musalle pe jaake bayn. Abke baras eid peaaiye behre khuda. Bibi masooma- e - qum ka tha ye nouha. Qaid bhi aisi jahan aap rukoo me rahe.

musalle pe maine ali ka qasida lyrics in hindi

Aur yahan mere lab maaile fariyad the - 2. My yahan aap wahan karte hai nouha Gairo ke zanjeer bhi padthi rahe marsiya. Waqt ki zanjeer ne qaid mujhe bhi kiya - 2.

Maine paigaam hawavon se ye bheja Meri tarha raat din karti hai tum par fugha'n. Dono hai zindaan me Aap wahan mai yaha'n- 2. Tooti umeedein meri qalb hua nouha gar. Kohe sitam gir pada dukhtare mazloom par - 2.

Rehgaya phir bhi fazavon me ye nouha Aur ye furqat ka gum aur ye qalbe hazee. Aap nahi aayenge kya mai ye karlu yaqee - 2. Nouha din raat yahi karti hoon baba Ab to chale aaiye aagayi sar par qaza. Zebe musalla hu mai sunlo meri ilteja - 2. Gum ye kisi beti ko ab na dikhaye khuda. Maine sahe hai jo gum jaanta hai dil mera - 2. Bibi masooma - e - qum ka tha ye nouha.

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musalle pe maine ali ka qasida lyrics in hindi

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musalle pe maine ali ka qasida lyrics in hindi

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