Hammer a3 41

Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 14 of Is this a low price or do they run on sale like this frequently? Is the A worth the difference? What about all the accessories extensions, digital hand crank, mortising table, etcAre they worth it? I'm in central WI is there someone around that has one to look at even? Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. Join Date Mar Posts 5, I have the 12" model A3 I really like it.

I've used it for a lot of demanding apps including log quarters that used all 12" width and also 10' long lumber and it's flawless. No extension tables needed. Hi Dan, I have an A and am extremely pleased with it. I have the digital height indicator in the planer table elevation handwheel and it is accurate to 0. Mine is metric. The jointer is incredibly accurate and the surface finish is superb.

The planer is snipe free and very powerful. It will take rated capacity cuts in full width white oak, snipe free. That's good for two changes on the three knife head. I can't send regular knives out for sharpening for that price in Toronto.

The only weird thing is that the mobility kit moves the planer along the wide axis, so I made my own. I have the C and ditto what Cliff has to say. I am very pleased with its performance. My A is eight years old now, and has run miles of material.

Hammer A3-41 J/P Switchover

It is a good machine. You'd be welcome to come look at it, but I'm in California. You might ask Hammer if they know of anybody in your area.

hammer a3 41

Their sales guy in California does that. For my work, the wider A is overkill. I do see some boards which are ten or eleven inches wide, but rarely encounter ones which would require a 16" width.

Use SMC's Search function to find many threads about this machine. I do like to work with wide stock, however!Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Realistic selling price of a newly delivered Hammer A to buy a 5-way combo?

Join Date Apr Posts Realistic selling price of a newly delivered Hammer A to buy a 5-way combo? I love it, but now I regret not buying a full 5-function Euro combo machine. It has only been used once to test the cutting, so essentially it is brand new and comes with the silent cutting heat helixand digital height gauge for the planer. Is there any chance I can get 6k for this thing locally Tucson Arizona?

Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. Originally Posted by Andy Giddings. Couple of options that may work although I have no idea whether you'll get 6k - post it on Craigslist locally, post it on the classifieds here and post it on the Felder Owner's Group on Yahoo. If you really want the 5 function, simply arrange your two machines in the 5 function shape, the only difference I can think of is that the rip fence for the saw changes profile, and part of it is is on the jointer outfeed table.

Talk to Felder about the possibility, the two machines should bolt together, Regards, Rod. People can be sticklers about what they considered "used" equipment to be worth, no matter how slightly used it is. A wider advertising area, with potential higher shipping costs might help you find the ASAP buyer. That said, I fully agree with Rod, as I have a pair of combos and would not want a single machine.

Joshua, Rod is correct - you could easily create almost the same footprint as a C3 by purchasing a B3 and mounting it close to the A3 if that is your goal.

hammer a3 41

Even if you can't bolt them together, the footprint is not going to be substantially different. Might be the most cost effective route. Not that you asked, but I say keep the separates! Originally Posted by Joshua Bass. What is your reason for not wanting a single machine? Freeing up space was my main goal. Depends how fast you want to sell it. I'd say one board cut or a year won't make any difference on price. Also I don't think the warranty transfers.

How big is your shop? Well, I'd be one of your potential buyers if we were in the same area, but truthfully I don't think I'd be tempted at 6k, especially if what Joe says about the warranty is true.

No informed hammer potential customer would buy even a no cut as new hammer from you without major discount. Why would you give up the warranty and dealer relationship? Get separate saw shaper like a felder Tool opportunity.You will receive new offers immediately and free of charge by e-mail You can easily terminate the search request at any time.

Find out more. Buyers can restrict the circle of potential business partners without extensive checks and favor companies that make honest and righteous shops with high probability. Of course, disagreements can still arise during the purchasing process.

Hammer a3 31 for sale

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By using our services, you acknowledge and agree to our use of cookies. United States. Search Offers. Submit request. Place ad. Watch list. Log in. LOG IN. Place ads for machines.To use this feature, please Sign up or Log in. It is essentially the same machine as the Hammer A3 41but with the planing unit removed. It can be combined with the Hammer A3 41D planer if you prefer to have two separate machines rather than a single combination machine. In its base form it comes with a 3-knife, quick-change, self-adjusting cutter block.

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Type of machine Jointer.

A3-41 Jointer/Planer

Manufacturer Hammer. Aimed at Semi-Professionals. Spiral Cutterhead. Machine overview Rate this machine To use this feature, please Sign up or Log in. Quality A. What we don't like Lacks planing functionality.

What we like Great build quality Large capacity. Resources and Guides Know a useful link or video for the Hammer A3 41A and want to share it with others? Add it here Machine Atlas Guides. General Official page on the Felder website felder-group. Discussion Be the first to share your experiences with the Hammer A3 41A There are no comments yet, be the first to leave one!

Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Jointing width: mm. Power: W.

hammer a3 41

Max jointing depth: 4 mm.Register now and benefit from valuable free downloads and free added-value news all around the exciting topic of woodworking. Details such as the long, solid milled planer table made of cast iron give precise planing work. The 3 knife quick-change, self-setting cutterblock enables planer knife changes in a matter of seconds and produces a finish that will please even the most critical eye.

Since Hammer has been producing high quality yet affordable woodworking machines for do-it-yourselfers and small businesses. Robust, durable, space-saving and precise in its operation. Quality products that simply make woodworking fun. The continuous pulling cut ensures tear-free results when planing all types of wood. With this revolutionary new development from Felder you are obtaining all of the advantages of a spiral cutterblock at considerably lower operating, investment and adjustment costs.

The Hammer 3 knife quick-change, self-setting cutterblock system guarantees excellent planed wood surfaces and simple operating comfort. Since the cutterblock quick-change system has proven itself a thousand times over and our customers worldwide have saved on expensive additional investment in standard planer cutterblocks.

The quick-change cutterblock system is only available from the Felder Group! Your advantages at a glance: Planer knife change without adjustments in seconds Disposable knives, each with two cutting edges at an affordable price no expensive adjustment devices required as with the standard planer knives for example no second set of planing knives are required during the sharpening cycle.

The strong ribbed Hammer planer and thicknesser tables are made from solid cast iron and ensure excellent precision in every situation. The width of the planing table equates to the planing width, which means that workpieces can be planed safely across the full length of the planing table. The large adjustment handle for the planing depth of cut is integrated perfectly into the machine design.

The depth of cut adjustment of up to 4 mm can be carried out quickly, simple and precisely without having to release any locks. That is top class operating comfort. The planer fence can be moved and fixed to any position across the width of the table. The precise workpiece guiding whilst joining and bevelling is helped by the long planing fence.

Processing long and heavy workpieces without assistance - no problem with a Hammer! The Hammer table extension system has proven itself thousandfold, the world over. In just a few steps and without tools the table extensions can be mounted to every Hammer machine. The surface can be extended by or mm on each side of the working table. Which means that it is possible to increase your table length by up to mm!

Hammer woodworking machines are an absolute spatial wonder. The efficient machine design of a Hammer means that space can be found in even the smallest of workshops.

As an option a rolling carriage can be fitted to every Hammer, offering mobility and freeing up additional space.Hi, Guest Login Register. I have recently been looking into the Hammer jointer planer combo machines and I'm really leaning towards the A with silent power.

I'd like to know what other experienced Hammer owners think. Has anyone upgraded from the A to the A? How well do the extension tables compensate for the shorter bed length? Has anyone experienced any serious limitations with the decreased width? Is the additional 11cm worth the difference in cost? What is the verdict on the mortising table? Thanks in advance for any response. Festool USA does not pre-approve the contents of this website nor endorse the application or use of any Festool product in any way other than in the manner described in the Festool Instruction Manual.

Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website.

Festool and its affiliates cannot be responsible for improper postings or your reliance on the website's material. Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk. The content contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Wooden Skye Posts: My little girl was called home While I no longer own a Hammer A it was a great first machine.

You have to decide on how wide the work is your doing and if the machine will feel your needs. Also at that price you could buy it sell the mortizing attachment. Try the machine, if it works with what you do keep it, if not sell it recover all your money and buy the bigger A or look into the Felder AD Mike O.

Posts: I own a Hammer A with the standard cutter head. I don't own or have a need for the mortising unit and I told myself I would buy the extension tables at a later time if I found I needed the increased performance of a longer table. No far, I haven't felt the need to buy the extension tables. The digital gauge is a must and instead of the mobility kit, i bought some nice locking casters and mounted them directly to the four "feet" of the base.Very few people talk about Felder machines in america.

There are less than a handful of reviews on forums etc, which is very odd for tools. Most of them are used by people too busy to be on the forums. In general, im skeptical of european design and manufacturing quality. I have machines from several different origins, and i dont perceive wild differences in quality.

I have had a very different experience although all the machines in my shop work well my A, Laguna 16HD Italianand Festool are top notch in both design and quality of work they produce. The American tools that are comparable in my personal experience are Sawstop and several hand tool manufactures like Lie Nielsen, Bad Axe, Veritas etc.

Which begs the question are they worth it? To me they are but I totally understand why to others they could be viewed as overpriced. Fair enough, i need to qualify my statements with some substance. I watch videos and an accented man narrates to me the increased safety of their machines. Looking at the euro guard, it looks like a complete pain in the ass when it's sticking out.

A3-41 Jointer/Planer

Not to mentioned i keep reading it is limited to about 2. What the hell is that nonsense, European design!? That doesnt sound like increased safety over the american pork chop at all. Next, the design of the fence is supposed to be vastly superior. I loved my unifence's extrusion, but it appears incredibly flimsy as a jointer fence. It therefore needs to be 10x more robust.

Once again, the fence is "designed" to be light weight and sophisticated. The machine weighs upwards of lbs, why on earth are we concerned with fence weight!? Im not hung up on the fence material, but i want my jointers to be beyond robust.

When i hear the fence wiggles from owners and i see the thin extrusion, i dont understand the design intent. I dont ever want to own a tool that "wiggles". Finally, one last design critique on the table extensions. Do they need to be " wide? I frequently use the entire width of my planer to process boards. This means i do not solely focus on 5" sections of a 20" machine.