Arrowheads austin

This is a medium to large stemmed triangular point with an elliptical cross section. The blade is primarily excurvate, but may vary to straight or incurvate on heavily re-sharpened examples. The blade is beveled on the left edge of each face. The shoulders are barbed, but may range to weak and horizontal on heavily re-sharpened examples.

The stem is slightly contracting with a slightly concave base. This point has a random flaking pattern. This point is primarily found on the Coastal Plains of surrounding the Houston area and into the southern Plains Region of San Antonio.

They were in use during the Middle Archaic period and distribution so far is restricted to the central Coastal Plains from Houston and southwest to San Antonio. Rodgers is an avocational archeologist and artifact authenticator.

This type was named in his personally published book and has no other references. This is considered a collector type. Other Websites with Detailed Information:. Middle Archaic Middle Holocene. Outline is Representative of Size and Shape:. Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern: This is a medium to large stemmed triangular point with an elliptical cross section.

Similar Points: BulverdeLangtryUvalde. Other points in this Cluster:. Age Details:. Do you see information that is incorrect on this page, or do you have information that should be added?The Apache and Comanche are the most well-known Native American tribes in Texas, but dozens more lived all over the region until the mids. They left behind thousands of arrowheads, which can still be found with a little effort.

Dry creekbeds, riverbanks and freshly plowed fields in rural areas are prime hunting grounds. Heavy rains can dislodge formerly hidden arrowheads, so the odds of success improve after a big downpour. The arrowheads are fairly simple to identify with a little help from field guides and websites. Determine the basic shape. Most Texas arrowheads fit into one of these 10 categories: articulate fish-shapedbasal-notched notches at the bottomcontracting stem large triangle on top, smaller triangle at basecorner-notched notches on bottom cornerslanceolate long and thin without notchesleaf wide in middle, narrow at the endsside notched notches on sidesexpanding stem beneath point, base is narrow then gets widerstemmed looks like a Christmas tree, including straight trunk and triangle basic triangle, no notches.

Use a magnifying glass to spot notches, concave areas or other distinguishing characteristics. The various notches, grooves, indentations and protrusions offer clues about the surprising number of techniques developed by Native Americans to secure arrowheads. Note the color and texture of the stone. Most Texas arrowheads are made from flint, which can vary in color from dark brown to gray. Some are even translucent.

Take multiple close-up photos against a contrasting background. Leave the arrowhead in place if you do not have permission to remove it see Warnings section. The Texas Natural Science Center at the University of Texas in Austin periodically brings together scientists from several disciplines to help the general public identify artifacts. Bring your photos or the actual arrowheads. Landowner permission is required to collect them on private land. Ed Garcia has worked as a writer and editor since He served as deputy managing editor of "Hispanic Business Magazine" and now covers nature travel, green living, wildlife and pets for various publications.

By: Ed Garcia Updated April 12, Share It. Compare your photos to the photos and diagrams in the field guide. Things You'll Need. About the Author. Photo Credits.Remember Me?

arrowheads austin

What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 50 of Thread: Hunting Arrowheads in Central Texas. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Where do you look? Show some of your finds while you're at it. You're bossy, chief. Do it now! Hey Al. I've hunted all over our place and the other 60 acres or so surrounding us when the neighbors gave me permission. I try to mark locations on a map where I found stuff using GPS. There are plenty of places I'd like to look but it's tough to find out who to get permission from.

And it's illegal in a lot of cases. Here's some stuff I found on our place and back where I grew up. Or do you dig as well? Aren't you out in the Dripping Springs area? I have a family member that just sold his land on Barton Creek off Fitzhugh. He found a lot of arrowheads walking the creek over the years. Wish I could have known that before he sold last summer.Welcome to the Arrowheads.

arrowheads austin

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Arrowhead Hunting Find indian Camps

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arrowheads austin

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What would you like to do?Ancient man lived on the very same hills you do. He drank from springs, the water of which now flows from your tap. The rivers he hunted are the same ones that run now, not far from your house. The heat from the sun that warmed ancient man is the same heat that warms you now.

The goal of this website is to encourage every arrowhead hunter to hunt legally, ethically, and with great respect for ancient cultures. Remember to be friendly, talk to people, and always ask permission!!! See my page Arrowheads and the Law. Get out and enjoy your free time the way it was meant to be experienced -- in nature! You don't need a bunch of fancy gear, just your eyes and some determination to get the job done. So, you wanna find some arrowheads Your best bet for doing that is surface hunting private property with permission from the landowner.

March Springfield, Mo city limits Dalton!! This point dates to around 10, years before present. I recovered it from fill dirt that was removed from a construction site. All rights reserved.

Arrowhead Adventures. Arrowhead Hunting Find indian Camps. View on Mobile.Complete arrowheads are an extremely rare find. Looking for any artifacts left by Native American people requires a combination of great patience, a keen eye, a working knowledge of the law, a measure of charm - permission must be sought and gained to enter private property - and an understanding of all the factors that maximize the chances of success.

A great place to start, with its rich Native American history is in East Texas. Arrowheads are unlikely to be found in areas where game was scarce and where territory was of little strategic value. That is not to say that prey animals and enemies were not targeted all over Texas by its nomadic peoples, but the chances of finding projectile points are increased by looking where human activity was greatest.

The Caddos lived in what is now northeast Texas; the Karankawas held the Gulf between what is now Galveston south to what is now Corpus Christi; the Coahuiltecan occupied the southeast and the lower Rio Grand. The Texas Hill Country is a rich and verdant region, and many smaller Indian bands lived in the area.

Freshly plowed ground is a trove of material that was previously buried, and rain cleans off arrowheads and other impermeable objects, making them more visible. This confluence of events occurs most frequently in springtime. Although many tribes lived along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, centuries of aggressive weather events such as hurricanes have destroyed most of what they left behind.

That said, storm tides reveal artifacts that were previously buried in the same way as rain on a freshly plowed field, and an eagle-eyed stroll along a beach can sometimes be productive.

How to Identify a Texas Arrowhead

The sides of streams in places with good tree cover were favorite places for bands of Indians to camp, and such sites can be rich with discarded or accidentally lost arrowheads. The Alabama-Coushatta Indians were the most abundant people in east Texas, and they lived concentrated around the Woodville area.

Around San Marcos was rich hunting territory. Many semi-permanent camps were set up in the game-rich Big Thicket region.

The Caddo people were concentrated around Indian Creek north of what is now the town of Nobility; following the creek from behind the Baptist Church often yields some interesting finds.

The advice to search freshly plowed fields by definition involves entering private property. It is vital to gain permission from the appropriate authority - owner, town, county or state - before wandering on to private property; without permission such an activity is Entry Without Consent, and to remove any found item is theft.

Even as innocent an activity as hunting for arrowheads can be mistaken for an intention to poach wildliferustle stock or steal valuable farm and ranch equipment. Without a permit issued by the Texas Antiquities Committee, it is never legal to remove finds from government land, be it state or federal property, even if you have full permission to be on the land and have paid an admission fee.

arrowheads austin

It is never acceptable to enter property owned by modern-day Native American trusts, families or reservations. Also refrain from surface hunting any place that may be related to burials or funerary ceremonies.

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Comanche Villages in Texas. Rivers in North Texas. About the Author. Photo Credits.