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As a heir to the family fortune, Jin Hyuk has money, the looks, the charm, everything except finding the love of his life. So he sets up a cake shop where women are sure to come. He hires Sun Woo, a talented patisserie who had a crush on Jin Hyuk back in high school. Along with an ex-boxing champion Gi Beom and a clueless bodyguard Su Young, the four unique and handsome young men stir up the quiet neighborhood at their cake shop, Antique.

Although seemingly careless and happy, each of the four men have unforgettable past that they are afraid to face, but their secrets slowly begin to unravel. Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors.

Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 7. Related Content Antique Japanese parent story.

Add Cast. Gillet Andy Jean-Baptise Evan. Kim Chang Wan Support Role.

antique bakery ost

View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 1. May 5, Completed 1. Overall In retrospect I did not give Antique Bakery the attention it deserves, but in my defense, such a quiet, character-focused show makes poor blogging material. How do you compare the daily lives of four gay guys opening a Western-style cake shop to giant mechas or undead schoolgirls dual-wielding Uzis?

Do not watch this show if you're on a diet. Welcome, dear readers, to the first edition of the Midseason Awardswherein I shall take a look at the best, worst, and most average shows of the season!

Long-running shows like Code Geass are entering the home stretch while newer offerings have by now revealed their true colors.

Oooooh oh oh oh can I ride can I ride it can I ride it please? In other news, the Kaiba OST is decent. Let it wash over you, like gentle waves. Be calm. Be Zen. Be happy. Okay, all right, there was a bunch of other shows too. But none of them had Karen treating Suzaku as a punching bag! Mind the spoilers if you click below. Ready your snacks and your seat cushions, dear readers. Home Reviews About me Contact. Anime Reviews by Korasoff. Feeds: Posts Comments.

Tonight's MC: Kyouka on catnip! Everything you need to know about this week: Let it wash over you, like gentle waves. Tytania Vandread welcome to the NHK world destruction.I am to be with you. Yami ga semari ikiba ushinatta toshitemo Ima wa kimi ga soba ni iru mayowazu ni fumi dasun da. Boku ga kimi ni shite agerareru kototte nani ga arun darou Nigate na koto nara takusan aru to iu no ni.

Antique Bakery Opening Theme – Life goes on ~side K~

Kimi no kotoba futo omoidashite unazuku Hoshi ga tsukame sou na yoru owaranu ai o chikao. Wooow…I Love this song.

Oh thank you so much for fulfilling my request! I just realized though…side D has ONE extra sentence before the last verse. And thanks for catching that! SkyyP0P: Yeah, on this site we put spaces between the words in the lyrics, because then they are official.

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Chiisai September 9, at pm Reply. Kim September 17, at pm Reply. Spuri September 20, at am Reply. Aaron September 24, at pm Reply.In the Antique Bakery doujinshi by the author, it was revealed that Keisuke has had multiple girlfriends during the course of Antique Bakery. In the Antique Bakery doujinshi by the author, Ono begins an intimate relationship with Chikage however is still ultimately in love with Tachibana. In the Antique Bakery doujinshi by the author, Kanda and his french teacher Constance appear to be dating.

In the Antique Bakery doujinshi by the author, Chikage and Ono begin an intimate relationship. The television series differs perceptibly from the story of the manga. Momoko, in effect, provides a sort of cushion for Ono's heterosexual development. The action in the film has been transposed to Korea and the characters given Korean names; otherwise, the script follows the main plot threads of the manga closely.

Animated by Nippon Animationit features opening and ending themes by popular band Chemistry. Sources: [1]. Use of Template:Ambox is broken, because Module:Message box is broken. Script error. Janet Houck, writing for Mania Entertainment, felt that the story of the first volume was choppy, using many flashbacks, and that the volume should have been given a higher rating due to its depiction of Ono's backstory.

She also noted that Ono's homosexuality was essentially "played for laughs", although she did not feel this was a negative. Edition of International Material - Japan". Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.Until now that is. And so here I am with a review that covers both the anime and manga for Antique Bakery, a shounen-ai that is parts romance, comedy and drama. It was because of 2 words, just 2 simple words. A quick disclaimer: I stated earlier that this review will cover both the anime and manga. What I meant to say was that the anime and manga are very similar, and so covering one is almost synonymous with covering the other.

I will point out any differences or distinguishing features of a specific medium if I feel the need arises. Antique Bakery deals with Tachibana Keiichiro, a top class businessman and heir to a successful trading company, who suddenly up and quits his job to open a bakery.

As it turns out Tachibana was the one person who rejected Ono back when they were high school students. There are 2 others who join Tachibana and Ono on their quest. Ono takes Eiji under his wing and decides to train him in the ways of the patissier. Chikage is a bit on the slow side, but he has a big heart and a beautiful face, which grabs the attention of Ono immediately.

Chikage joins the group alongside Tachibana as the 2nd waiter. What I found most impactful about this show was how full of heart it was. It tackled the issues that are inherent in the homosexual lifestyle in a way that found the comedy in the situation, and this definitely helps everyone both in the scene and watching it get a better understanding of what it means to live differently.

antique bakery ost

It shed light on issues in the gay community, but not so much that it blinded everyone. Antique Bakery just did a great job of portraying gay people as regular people, with hopes and dreams like everyone else. However, the opening was great. All in all, it provided a great start to every episode.

Antique Bakery

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Album Review: Antique (Bakery) OST

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My Goddess: sorezore no tsubasa - - Koibito doushi - 2nd ending Ah! My Goddess: sorezore no tsubasa - - Shiawase no iro - Opening karaoke Ah! My mini-Goddess - - Denwa shite iwa chan - 1st ending Ah! Kyuukyoku Tetsugaku - Ending Aho Girl!! Love-ge night fever - Opening Akahori gedou hour rabuge - - Nesshou!!

Melon Soda - Ending Akikan! Intro Theme: Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta! Soundtrack Fuyu Ban - Amaenaideyotsu!! Dokuro chan! Excess - - Future dream - Ending Burn up!

antique bakery ost

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antique bakery ost

This product is out of print and no longer available from the publisher. Important information about purchasing this product: This product is accepted for return under certain conditions. For more details, please refer to our return policy. Sales of Korean music products at YesAsia. Sign in to rate and write review Write a Review. No Rating Available Tell a Friend. Based on the best-selling Japanese comic Antique Bakerythis delectable crowd-pleaser revolves around a cake shop run by four dashing patissiers who drive both men and women wild.

Directed by Min Kyu Dong Mementor MoriAntique was an instant hit with audiences thanks to its irresistible cast and feel-good tale of friendship and pastries. All rights reserved. This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia. Club 1 Club 2 Come On, Antique! Trouble, trouble, trouble maker Club 3 Club 4 Antique waltz Christmas in Antique Additional Information may be provided by the manufacturer, supplier, or a third party, and may be in its original language.

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